Lottery Secrets – How to Use Visualization Techniques to Get an Unfair Advantage (Cash Prizes)

Who else wants an unfair advantage when playing the lottery? Sounds like a silly question, right? We all do! That’s part of the fun of playing in the first place..:-) Buying more tickets. Playing “special” numbers. Purchasing at “special” stores and all sorts of other rituals and routines are part and parcel of the strategy that many people use to get an unfair lottery winning advantage.

But if you are like me……I’m sure you realized pretty early on, that those strategies don’t really work..:-)

Rather than give up, for me….I embarked on a quest to study just about EVERY lottery winning set of techniques out there, and found 2 that worked exponentially BETTER than just about anything else out there being taught. One of those techniques is visualization, and when combined with other, more “number” based methods, is an EXPLOSIVELY easy way to increase your odds of winning in rapid fire turn around time!

Using visualization to pick lottery numbers is about CONCENTRATION, intention and “unconscious” MANIFESTATION…….

Have you heard about “the Secret”? The idea that everything in the Universe works by laws of attraction and repulsion? And that the more aligned you allow your energy to be with your own intuition, the easier it becomes to literally “see” and attract the things in your life you want most. Sounds pretty far out…..but it’s REALLY not!

It’s really the very same thing here. Using a “math” based system to pick, identify and locate the very BEST numbers to play is first….and then using the amazing and little known power of visualization, and active manifestation to see (or WILL!) those numbers to fruition is a strategy that MANY repeat lottery winners have claimed is the secret to their success! (and have made MOST of it!)

So how do you know if visualization is the right strategy for you to try if you want to enjoy similar success?

And remember… matter what the skeptics say, lottery winners around the globe credit this little known, underground technique with giving them an amazing advantage! (and with some of those who have won over and over…’s pretty HARD to argue with their results!)

Did you know that Michael Jordan said 90% of his success was “seeing” the ball go through the hoop BEFORE he shot it?

That Wayne Gretzy claimed to watch the puck sail into the goal BEFORE it was even on his stick?

How about Ken Wilber….the world famous philosopher and prolific author….who claims his books “appear” to him, fully written…….BEFORE he even sets his pen to paper. (all he does is transcribe what he is given by some unknown, unseen energy!)

Most likely….you have been playing the lottery for a while, and have had NO luck at all.

You think….wow, someone else must have a secretly clever winning system if you haven’t been able to crack the lottery code….but haven’t been able to either…..

You’re MOST likely just having doubts about the strategy, or about your lottery playing abilities altogether

Mistake #1

The first mistake people make is they try to create their own system, or system, of some sort. More than likely, this approach doesn’t yield any results….but will most likely cost you dearly in the long run.

Why do we believe this? Because if you truly believe that you can win… home, in your mind….how can you afford to invest any money at all?

And if you truly believe it’s possible… can you afford to NOT try it?

In other words….if you truly believe it’s possible…..but aren’t willing to follow through, you are setting yourself up for failure. (as in….you will fail, and probably lose money by trying it)

Mistake #2

The second mistake is people FREE themselves by saying….but don’t really believe it. More than likely, this person believes they can win the lottery because they already won once, or will win the next game. (boys, are boys programmed to believe they can win the lotto just because they already won?)

Reading self-help cards is a very tricky thing to do. Why? Because it’s REALLY easy to fall into believing you are already a winner, when you really aren’t. It’s easier than one might think to convince yourself that you are already a winner…..but not tomorrow.

The key is to fight the urge to believe you can win…..and instead, believe you can beat the odds and become a winner! (over and over and over again..the Avery’s application of logic to the lotto.